Taylor’s University will proceed to apply for the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) with Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) in Malaysia. This process may require approximately 6-8 weeks (1-2 months).

You may check the status of your Visa Approval Letter (VAL) application via our email at

General Information:
Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) is a one–stop centre established by Malaysia’s Ministry of Education (MOE) to manage and administer the student pass of all international students.

Taylor’s University Sends Visa Approval Letter (VAL)

Once Taylor’s receives all required documents from you, the International Office (IO) will submit your student pass approval application to the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). EMGS will thoroughly vet your application and qualification. If you are eligible, EMGS will endorse your application and submit it to Immigration for final approval. Once Immigration approves, the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) will be issued. Taylor’s University will notify you once we receive the VAL, which we will then email and courier the VAL to you.

Single Entry Visa (SEV) for those Required Countries

Students from Single Entry Visa (SEV) required countries are responsible to bring the original Visa Approval Letter (VAL) together with the passport to the nearest Malaysia Embassy/Consulate to obtain a single entry permit prior to entering Malaysia to avoid a fine or being turned back at the airport.

Airport Pick-Up Request

International Office (IO) provides airport pick-up service for newly arrived international students commencing their programmes. To arrange for this service, a request is essential and must be made through this Pre-Boarding Checklist page to inform the International Office Five (5) calendar days prior to your arrival in Malaysia.

Once you have submitted your request, you will receive a confirmation email with further details including the arrival procedures and documents required for immigration clearance.

This pick-up service is only available at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA 2) and Subang Skypark Airport.


What if I arrive after the operation time?

Students are advised to plan their arrival on a working day, Mon-Fri between 9am-6pm (try to avoid weekend or public holidays). Kindly inform the International Office (IO) for special arrangement on the arrival date and time.

Can relatives or friends use the service?

The students are the priority of our pick-up service. Your relatives/friends who are accompanying you will be advised to take their own transportation if there is limited space. Taylor’s representative at the airport will be glad to advise on the public/private transportation mode available at the airport.

What if I miss the booking deadline or will be arriving on another day?

Kindly email the International Office (IO) your flight details via

If you do not receive the confirmation email within two (2) working days please email us at be reminded that you must receive a confirmation email from International Office (IO), otherwise your pick-up service will not be valid.

Checklist Before Departure

It is not advisable to carry large amounts of cash due to the risk of theft or loss. Never put cash into checked-in luggage. A credit card will be handy. Large amounts can be brought into Malaysia through Travel Cheques. Make sure you have a sufficient amount to cover the first 3 months of your living expenses (approximately USD500 per month excluding accommodation).

    Before departure, please be sure to bring along the following important documents:

  • Passport (which is valid for more than 12 months before expiry) with single entry endorsement (if applicable)
  • Original copy of Visa Approval Letter (VAL) (for countries that require visa to enter Malaysia)
  • Original copy of Letter of Acceptance (LOA)
  • Original copy of Academic Qualification transcript - in English (compulsory)
  • Original copy of Health/Medical Examination Form, results and x-ray film
  • Receipt/proof of payment for all fees
  • Flight Ticket
  • Driver’s License (if applicable)

Students are advised to keep clear photocopies of important documents (e.g. Letter of Acceptance, academic transcripts, qualifications, receipts, passport, ID cards, etc.).