Faculty of Hospitality, Food & Leisure Management

School of Culinary Arts and Food Studies

Be on par with global standards through world-class training and heritage; with internship and career opportunities abroad. The culinary arts and food sectors are growing at an exponential pace and we pride ourselves on matching every stride of this growth.

Programmes Offered

Diploma in Culinary Arts

Advanced Diploma in Patisserie & Gastronomic Cuisine

Bachelor of Culinary Arts & Foodservice Management (Hons)

Bachelor Of Science (Hons) (Culinology®)

School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events

As one of the leaders in hospitality and leisure management studies in the Asian region, we pride ourselves in providing world-class training. Be on par with global standards and lead the growing service industry straight out of school.

Programmes Offered

Diploma in Event Management

Diploma in Hotel Management

Diploma in Tourism Management

Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (Hons)

Bachelor of International Tourism Management (Hons) (Events Management)

Bachelor of International Tourism Management (Hons) (Travel & Recreation Management)