Why Taylor’s?

At Taylor’s, education is much more than just a degree. More than just lecturers, more than just theories and classrooms, it is education that is beyond academics that helps you chart your path towards success. Take a step out of your comfort zone and discover yourself at Taylor’s.

There is so much more to education than meets the eye. Established since 1969, Taylor’s University is a member of Taylor’s Education Group, the largest private education groups in Malaysia, which operates across South East Asia.

Our quality of teaching and learning standards is acknowledged through a number of national and international accolades as well as numerous recognitions from professional bodies around the world.

As a leading university in Malaysia, students can benefit from a wide array of programmes and study options. We offer more than 80 programmes across undergraduate and postgraduate levels that are supported with a diverse curriculum for added exposure.

Taylor’s University has a strong international outlook based on our international faculty and students who come from all parts of the world. The international community at Taylor’s is something that we are proud of and intend to continue to develop in order to ensure that our graduates are prepared for the modern international workplace.

As a globally connected university, we partner over 250 universities to provide you with opportunities for student exchange, student transfers, summer programmes and various mobility programmes, so that you get a true global education.

Research and enterprise are rising ever higher on our agenda. By developing international-class research and expertise, we will further raise the reputation and standing of the University and the value of the degrees held by new graduates and over 70,000 of our alumni across the globe.

Choosing a university has not been an easy task. There is so much more to education than meets the eye. At Taylor’s, education is much more than just a degree. More than just lecturers. More than just theories and classrooms. It is how an education that is beyond just academics that helps you chart your path to success. Here, we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone to discover yourself.

Taylor’s. More Than Just Education.

What is Taylor's Curriculum Framework (TCF)?

Taylor’s University is taking action to future-proof graduates to be ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution by introducing the Taylor’s Curriculum Framework. The TCF’s goal is to enhance the university’s existing curriculum so our students not only graduate with an outstanding degree, but also future-ready skills that will make them highly sought after in the ever-demanding global marketplace.

At the core of TCF is empowering students to explore their passions by giving them more choices and flexibility.

Delving into the TCF

    TCF focuses on:

  • Equipping students with critical X-Factors and the competitive edge so they can thrive in the global marketplace
  • Offering learners a relevant and dynamic curriculum, where they can enjoy the flexibility to design and personalise their course of study based on their interests and strengths
  • Increasing overseas experiences with regard to opportunity, variety and choice

Students who come to Taylor’s University will experience an education that is multi-dimensional, created with the building blocks of academic excellence, life skills and emotional well-being. These three key building blocks will help to nurture eight essential attributes that contribute to future-ready skills. They include:

  • Discipline specific knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Lifelong learning
  • Personal competencies
  • Social competencies
  • Global perspectives