"To Boldly Go" – ADP Students from Taylor's Experience Space Camp in the USA

Two ADP students were recently selected to join an international group of students in the USA.

Two students from the American Degree Program (ADP) at Taylor's University boldly went where no other Taylor's students had gone before once after they were selected to participate in the

Group photo at the space shuttle during their stint.

Ng En Vi, is currently in his second year at ADP (majoring in Business), and Lucas Ng is a first year student (majoring in Engineering). They were the only two Malaysian representatives at the camp, where they shared their experiences with other students from various universities from the UK, India, China, Colombia, Mexico and France. ADP encouraged us to apply for the camp," said Ng En Vi, adding that "I had to submit an essay and did so with little expectations, thinking of the thousands of applications the academy receives.

It was a pleasant surprise to have been selected in being a part of this experience, which has become a significant point of my life". The group of 150 international students enrolled in Space Camp endured an intensive week learning the ropes of NASA’s control room, space orbiter and space station.

Groups of students were faced with various challenges including a simulated astronaut training exercises, jet simulations and scenario-based space missions. According to Lucas, "it was a great opportunity to apply what I have learned so far in my course and to gain further theoretical knowledge for upcoming subjects when I return to campus".

As a second year student, En Vi will begin issuing his applications to US universities to complete the remaining of his course by transferring to North America. Currently, he is looking to apply to the University of Minnesota, Indiana University, Seattle University, University of Washington and California State Fresno University.

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