Taylor’s University academics gain an edge in teaching by becoming inaugural Google Certified Educators

Taylor’s School of Education lecturers are transforming their pedagogies as Google Certified Educators and extending the certification to its students

Taylor’s School of Education has officially dedicated a classroom at its Lakeside Campus as the Google for Education Center to equip educators and students with the skills to use technology in the classroom via Google Apps for Education. The majority of academics, including the Deputy Dean from the School, are now Google Certified Educators – earning a cutting edge in teaching after successfully demonstrating proficiency in using Google Apps for Education in a classroom setting.

Establishing further support to integrate technology in education and future educators, Taylor’s School of Education and Google for Education signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) today. The agreement will integrate the Google for Education Training Center units as a module in the undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, allowing educators and aspiring teachers to become Google Certified Educators. Together with the certificate, Taylor’s University will be the training and testing centre for other educators through its unique pedagogy and facility – offering onsite trainings with Google Certified Educators and Trainers.

According to Deputy Dean, Taylor’s School of Education Dr. Logendra Ponniah, “We are pleased to partner with Google for Education to reach a seamless “techno-gogical” learning experience. It is inspiring to embrace how technology can be integrated into lessons, while transforming our pedagogies and preparing our students for the future.”

Professor Dr. Pradeep Nair (left), Deputy Vice Chancellor, Taylor’s University and Ms. Rahayu Ramli (right), Head of Education, Google Malaysia officially signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) allowing educators and aspiring teachers to gain a cutting edge in teaching by becoming Google Certified Educators

“Technology is part of everyday life and has evolved the classroom,” he continued. “The School has always encouraged its students to explore innovative methods and technologies to enhance their learning, and learn how to apply these tools in their future classrooms. Our aspiring teachers at the School are encouraged to use the tools present to reflect on themselves and their learning, throughout their degree programme.”

Being a Google Certified Educator requires educators and students to familiarise themselves with the different tools available in the Google Apps for Education suite and corresponding ecosystem, and how to incorporate them in their teaching and learning experience. At the end of the course, Google will certify end users that pass the examination at Level 1 and Level 2, which will enable them to further their professional development as either a Google Certified Trainer and/or a Google Certified Innovator.

“The traditional passive learning mould is now broken – learning will become decentralised, technology will be able to triangulate the acquisition, collaboration and actualisation of knowledge – going beyond the teacher,” said Ms. Rahayu Ramli, Head of Education, Google Malaysia. “Taylor’s University is a great example of the integration of diverse learning and teaching methods within its curriculum – as well as providing a strong emphasis on lifelong learning – which makes them a great fit for this opportunity. We are pleased with the outcome of having three Google Certified Educators within the School of Education, at such an early stage in the programme.”

“In the classroom, the key actors are still the students and educators, while the technology is an enabler. When its usage is optimised, technology can allow students to better connect to the world, work independently and collaborate with not just their classmates, but anyone within their online reach. We hope technology will similarly help and support educators, to better connect with their students and simplifying their day-to-day tasks, as well as provide them with the most up-to-date tools and information to fulfill their teaching and learning objectives.” she said.

The training centre at Taylor’s University is a free resource that educators can use to learn about using and integrating technology in the classroom. Additionally, the centre can be used for on-site training, where two Google Certified Trainers will be present to prepare trainees to pass the Level 1 certification exam.

A group photo with Dr. Logendra Ponniah (furthest left), Deputy Dean Taylor’s University School of Education; Professor Dr. Pradeep Nair (second from left), Deputy Vice Chancellor, Taylor’s University; Rahayu Ramli (third from left), Head of Education, Google Malaysia; BK Gan (middle), President of Taylor’s Schools at the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between Taylor’s University and Google for Education Asia Pacific