Taylor's Pharmacy Students Visit Mahidol University in Thailand

Students from the School of Pharmacy spent a week at the Mahidol University in Bangkok learning about the Thai healthcare system, seeing how a pharmacy service in a children's hospital works and the applications of pharmacogenomics.

Integrated international study tours are a feature of many of the programmes at Taylor's University. Recently, a group of six Taylor's students from the School of Pharmacy participated in a one-week study visit to our partner university Mahidol University in Bangkok (Thailand).

The objective of such a study visit is to enhance the ability of students to understand the culture of new groups of people, so that as a pharmacist they can function effectively as a contributing member of the given community. During the visit, the students were introduced to Thailand's healthcare system, the children's hospital pharmacy service as well as applications of pharmacogenomics in Thailand. The students were also exposed to the applications of medicinal plants found and used in Thailand.

Apart from that, the students gained a variety of cultural experiences, including learning to speak simple Thai phrases such as "Khob Khun Kha" (Thank you) and "Loht Dai Mai" (Can it be discounted?) and enjoying some Thai food. Given the close reciprocal relationship we have with Mahidol University, a group of their students will be hosted by Taylor's University again later this year. To find out more about the Taylor's School of Pharmacy

School of Pharmacy students on their one week study-visit to Mahidol University, Bangkok