Medicine Management Service for the Elderly

Our elderly parents and relatives often have multiple health conditions that require many different medicines. As an age group, the elderly are the largest consumers of medications. On the one hand because of better healthcare, clean water and better nutrition, average life expectancy in our country has increased significantly. However, while people live longer, many do so with chronic medical conditions that require maintenance and treatment with many medicines. This often poses problems, both for the elderly and/or their care givers, in the area of medicine management, accumulation and wastage of medicines, duplication of medicines, not taking/forgetting to take medicines on time and so on.

If you have wished for someone to help with the medication management of your beloved elderly relatives, then help is available.

The School of Pharmacy would like to provide a service for medicine management to the elderly parents and close relatives of the staff of Taylor’s University. If you bring in all the medications that your elderly relatives are taking and, where possible, accompanied by the elderly, we undertake to look through the medicines, check for quality, duplication and interactions, explain the use, organise them into weekly medicine boxes (if the boxes are brought by the family) and answer questions about the medicines.

This is a free service that the staff of School Of Pharmacy wish to offer to the Taylor’s University community as our contribution towards the health and well-being of our beloved elderly. We hope that this will also stimulate our students to consider organising such projects, while they are still students and also when they begin work.

If you wish to avail of this service, please contact Senior Lecturer at School Of Pharmacy to set up an appointment.