Internationalise Your Education – Articulation Pathway Takes Taylor’s Biomedical Student onto the University of Adelaide

Taylor’s University planned articulation pathways offer students the opportunity to internationalise their education, and to gain a degree from a top university overseas.

Khoh Chun Hou at a gift shop in Adelaide

Khoh Chun Hou started his undergraduate studies in biomedical sciences in the School of Biosciences at Taylor’s University in 2014. He was keen to spend some time living overseas, and with his academic advisors at Taylor’s University he started to explore various study options. He has ended up taking advantage of one of the outbound articulation pathways that Taylor’s University offers to the University of Adelaide (UoA) in South Australia. Taylor’s University has outbound articulation pathways to some 43 top ranked universities in Australia, the UK and NZ, and UoA is one of Australia prestigious Group of Eight universities. He said that "Adelaide is a nice and tranquil place for study, and you can tell how fresh the air is once you step out of the plane”. However, "Although Adelaide is beautiful and surrounded by plenty of nature,

I barely have time to appreciate them because there are always tons of lab works, assignments and lecture materials to be covered every week”. But the experience of living away from home has helped him to become more independent , "I personally think that living independently and away from home is one of the best ways to value your time more" because you are all on your own. Khoh Chun Hou said, "I must thank Taylor’s for providing me this precious chance to experience the study life in Adelaide. Words can never express how grateful I am for having all of my tutors in Taylor’s and I truly appreciated what I have taught, not only knowledge but also responsibility. With very helpful lecture notes and lab practical experiences given by my tutors, my first year of degree in Taylor’s have provided me a very strong foundation, allowing me to cope with my second year in University of Adelaide quite effortless". He went onto add that, "Being a former scholarship holder, Taylor’s have also provided me a lot of opportunities to meet with new people through all sorts of activities, which gradually boosted my confidence to speak in front of public. I will never ever forget all the memories and experiences created among my mates and tutors at Taylor’s University”.

Articulation pathways are just one way that students at Taylor’s University can internationalise their education. Other options include a semester exchange, short-term mobility programmes and doing an international internship. For more information on the School of Biosciences click here and for more information on Taylor’s University’s articulation partners click here.