Going Global - Teaching Practicum Sees Students from the School of Education Intern in Japan

Students from the Taylor's University’s School of Education have the opportunity to intern from 6-months to one-year in Japan giving them valuable global exposure and cross-cultural insights

Esther (L) and Yee Tin (R) in action

The Taylor’s School of Education has partnered with the Tokyo-based International Society of Educational and Cultural Exchange (ISECE) to offer students a practicum internship experience in Japan. ISECE endeavors to increase mutual understanding and cultural appreciation among young people and educators. They work closely with a variety of educational establishments. The "Expansive Practicum" programme offers a growing numbers of pre-service teachers the opportunity to experience teaching and learning in a Japanese setting. The pre-service teachers can experience a 6-month to one-year internship in Japan, working as an Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs). This is a prominent role in the schools as it helps Japanese students to learn English. So far 12 students have headed to 4 partner schools in different parts of Japan. They are the K. International School in Tokyo, Kitakamakura Joshi Gakuen in Kanagawa Prefecture, the Nihon University Junior and Senior High Schools and Seiko Gakuin Junior and Senior High Schools in Yokohama.

Kimberly (front, right) assisting at Kitakamakura Joshi Gakuen

Reflecting on their experiences Violacea Low, a second year Bachelor of Education (Hons) in primary education student said that, "Being an intern at Seiko Gakuin High School I never expected to discover so much about teaching – it really forced me to think on my feet……I would recommend this as an internship'. Her classmate Lo Wei Hui, who was at the same school, added that her internship "gave me a lot of teaching and learning experience….It will change your perspective towards education".

Dr. Jasmine Jain from the School Education said that the main value of the experience was that "The internship let them view education from a critical perspective, and to experience the societal and cultural influences on education. We value this experience because it morphs their thinking, and make them reflective in their practice". Professor Perry Hobson (PVC Global Engagement) also added that this internship opportunity aligned with the aims of the university's Global Strategy for every undergraduate student to have an international experience while studying at Taylor's University – either through an exchange, short term mobility course, a SHINE activity or even one of our internationalisation-at-home activities. He added that, "Currently 15% of all the internship undertaken by students are overseas, and we plan to increase that to at least 20% in the near future".

Taylor’s School of Education looks forward to expanding its partnership with ISECE, and is currently exploring the opportunities to expand the ALT programme to other schools in Japan. To find out more about the Taylor's School of Education click here.