American Degree Transfer Program

With our American Degree Transfer Program, our students here are exposed to the same education system practiced in the States, preparing them for the transition to the American university life. Experience the difference with us.

Majors Offered



Computer Science

Liberal Arts

School of Communication

Taylor's School of Communication’s longstanding ties with the communication industry ensures that its students regularly engage with the industry. The communications industry can be tough to get into, but our students get a head start in their preferred field.

Programmes Offered

Foundation in Communication

Foundation in Arts

Diploma in Communication

Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons) (Advertising)

Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons) (Broadcasting)

Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons) (Public Relations)

Bachelor of Mass Communcation (Hons) (Public Relations & Event Management)

Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons) (Public Relations & Marketing)

School of Education

Make a difference by inspiring the next generation and help shape their minds through holistic education. At Taylor’s University, we prepare students for a fulfilling career in Education with our courses.

Programmes Offered

Foundation in Arts

Bachelor of Education (Hons) (Primary Education)

School of Liberal Arts & Sciences – Bachelor of Psychology

Our degree in Psychology is co-taught by industry experts, has wide career options after graduation and has strong overseas transfer options to highly ranked universities in the United Kingdom and Australia. Additionally, our programmes cover a wide range of subjects including biology, physiology, sociology, and philosophy, which are aimed at giving our students a diverse educational experience.

Programmes Offered

Foundation in Arts

Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)