"Build and They Will Come" RoboCar and Mobile App Summer Programmes Attract UTS Students from Australia

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) students opted to enrol in some of the innovative 2-week summer school programmes offered by Taylor's University in Malaysia.

Three students from University of Technology Sydney (UTS) recently participated in two of the summer programmes offered by Taylor’s University. Joshua Townsend-Long, Sidney Hua Quoc Duy and Mayo Pulido are all enrolled in BUiLD (Beyond UTS International Leadership Development) which is their university's equivalent of the Taylor's SHINE Award (second transcript).

“Originally, we were drawn to the programme about building a race car but were equally drawn to the prospect of learning how to build our own RoboCar,” shared Sidney and Mayo. The two students, who booth study engineering at UTS, described their accelerated learning process at Taylor’s School of Engineering (SOE) as a unique one, giving them the opportunity to break out of their comfort zone.

For Mayo, who’s studying Mechanical Mechatronics, and Sidney, who’s studying Civil and Environmental Engineering, Taylor’s was the only university offering summer students the option of building something they normally would not have the opportunity to do at UTS. They shared that they had the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of programming through this course and learning how to "Build a RoboCar" has been an interesting experience. "Ever since I arrived in Malaysia, I’ve been motivated to immerse myself in it. When you study something new, you just want to go deeper into details; to find out ‘why, what, when, how’, and trying to put myself up on it". Adding that, “After these 2-weeks, I feel that I’m wiser, more accepting and more appreciative of the engineering industry, especially the mechatronic and mechanic fields because I have no idea what’s going on in that field”.

Joshua Townsend-Long, who spent 2-weeks learning how to "Build a Mobile App" with Taylor’s School of Computing & IT (SOCIT) staff, said he had never made a mobile app before. "It’s quite challenging because everything must function well, and he had to do everything within 2-weeks. I had a one-on-one session with my lecturer and tutor, which was excellent… Lecturers at Taylor’s University are very good in making sure that you understand the subject before you implement it". He shared that he would recommend studying at Taylor’s University to anyone who would like to learn more about building mobile apps because it’s an advantage and exposure to the culture will be really good for them. Sidney and Mayo agree, sharing that exposure to a new culture will open people’s eyes. “Get yourself to new culture. Study, learn about the culture of the country, network with people, make new friends and learn to appreciate what you have,” said Sidney.